Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Multi Hued Bag

This is one of those bags you can use through- out the year. It would go well with jeans and top, an all pink or all black outfit. Its' not exactly the kind you would want to carry to office, more like a bag you can have on a shopping trip.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bags from Valentino

Bags are a great accessory for women. A good bag always makes you happier and more confident. It just occurred to me that Stylish bags would help make any woman to make a style statement- even those who have to wear the Burkha. I came across some eye or bag candy by Valentino. I think they are all really feminine and dressy. I am drinking a toast to Mr Valentino. Hope you all enjoy the feast:))

* Source: The WorldWideWeb

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Christian Louboutins

I know its' been ages since I penned something here. I've always loved shoes and footwear in general. I think just looking at lovely footwear is relaxing and so thought of writing about Louboutins. You'd think that Louboutins have been there for ages. But no. Christian Louboutin launched his high end womens' shoes in France only in 1991.
Louboutins have a trademark red sole design. This, by the way, is patented. Louboutins are red carpet favourites and its' easy to see why when you see the designs. These are some Louboutins which caught my eye.

Elizabeth Taylor apparently auctioned her Louboutins for 10,000 pounds for a charitable cause in 2005.

* Source: The WorldWideWeb