Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Why I had to reject this salwaar

Now this is one set I loved in the online collection of Shoopers Stop.  I think it's by Vikram Phadnis and belongs to the Kashish collection.  I love the cut and styling.  The peach top and elegant dupatta.    It's just that I wanted something richer for Diwali and that's why I rejected it, so to speak.  But I can think of several functions where I could wear this. Elegant...

Monday, November 12, 2012

Dressing Up for Diwali with Shoppers Stop

I don't know what made me think that picking my favorite apparel and accessories from Shoppers Stop would be easy.  How wrong I was:(  I was soo confused.  There are soo many options to choose from !!    I was looking for an outfit for Diwali - something with a festive look.  After browsing through several pages I decided I would choose a salwaar kameez.  I wanted something Indian and ethnic and dressy.  There were several I liked. But I told myself- only one- only one!!  Anyway after flipping back and forth through their online store I finally chose a few things.  So  here is the outfit that I think would be perfect for the festival of lights:

1.  Salwaar Kameez

I really love this yellow, purplish violet and red number.  Red and yellow  are the colors of the flame and thus symbolize the diya or light.  So this is what I eventually chose.  I also love the brocade on the yoke.  I love the cut and style too.  But it's the color combination that makes it the perfect outfit for Diwali.

2.  Sandals

Next I needed to find something for my feet.  I was looking for party sandals.  I came across two that I really liked.  One was gunmetal and the other gold.  So I naturally leaned towards the gold.  I feel it will look better with this salwaar.  Since the salwaar also has some gold trims.  This is what I picked:

3.  Clutch

I prefer to carry a small clutch when I go out for parties or functions.  There were a lot of evening clutches in the store.  But when I saw this "solar - clutch", my heart sort of skipped a beat.  It was love at first sight.  I love the small gold dials or sequins.  I think it looks different.   

4.  Finger Ring

I love wearing rings.  Since my dress is quite colorful,  I don't want to go overboard with the accessories.  I want to keep that simple and elegant.  So I chose this ring from the Nakshatra collection.  There were many intricate designs.  But I like wearing rings with broad bands.  So I opted for this:

5.  Bangle

In keeping with the minimalist yet elegant rule, I chose this bangle.  I love the design- feminine and contemporary:

6.  Earrings

I think these danglers would look good with the dress.  

7.  Perfume

I think Estee Lauder's Pleasures would be perfect for the occasion.

Think I'm ready to spread the light:)  What say??  

Anyways check out their site over here and let me know, if I did make the right choice.

PS:  This post was written for the "Shoppers Stop Perfect Look" contest run by Indiblogger and Shopper's Stop!!  ( In the process, I also discovered they have the Cash-On-Delivery facility in some places. )