Friday, February 20, 2009

Party Sandals : Jimmy Choos

Heres' a Jimmy Choo for the weekend!!!! These would be great for a party...


  1. Those really look snazzy! Would probably work well when paired with tight black leggings...wonder if Jimmy Choo is available in India.

  2. Aww that one is a killer! Would look great with a skirt or gown...

    I would be back to catch more from your blog!

    - Gayathri.

  3. Thanks Gayathri, Maria and Roopa!!! Jimmy Choos are available in India now. Infact I have noticed Piggy Chops ( Priyanka )wearing them on several occasions, though she may have got them when she was abroad. I can also imagine them looking great if someone were to pair them with a short chiffon dress in black or red.