Monday, March 16, 2009

The Denim Dare

I happen to have a denim full sleeved shirt & was wondering what to pair with it. It has a collar and ruffles ( not thick) along the front. I have been wondering what to pair with it. Should I go for a a gathered skirt or slacks or do I have any other options???? In my quest I came across this excellent site by H and M where you can mix and match things. Its' fun. And meanwhile I am curious to know what your suggestions are.


  1. Uma, I tried to a post a comment earlier but it just did not work out. So here goes again.
    My suggestion would be to wear a nice crispy white tight cotton trouser/caprice or a white pair of jeans. Denim shirts generally give a very boyish look and therefore to offset that look, you may wear delicate white strappy sandals, carry a nice cute white bag, wear alot of white accessorires, even go with a white hairband! I think that would look gud!!

  2. Thanks Regina!!! Will definitely try out some white with it.