Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Girls Need Curves

Girls really do need curves in this day and age. I love mine for one!! There are many reasons why I love my Blackberry Curve. It's very user friendly. To start with - the Track Pad!! This allows you to easily move from apps and other things located on the screen quite easily. It's just like using a laptop and using yr finger instead of the mouse. I especially find it useful while scrolling up and down the contacts list. Otherwise you've got to click and keep clicking using a finger. I also love logging onto Facebook using the wireless. You can read things and make comments. There is also an app for twitter. It's also got some really nice ring- tones. You can even set different ring tones for different people. This is the Blackberry Curve 8520. Might write more on this later. But gotto go now, think my phone is ringing.....
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  1. Curves are good, but no fun in buying it as it don't have an option for touch.

  2. But it's a really good option for those who can't afford touch!!