Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tingle the Feet and Pringle the Body!!

Take a good look at that picture. Can you see the eyes on the toes?, the kidneys and lungs on the soles of the feet?? The foot is full of nerve endings and various parts have nerves which are connected to different organs in the body. So by applying pressure to the feet you can actually improve the health of those parts of your body. This is why they say it's good for people to walk barefoot on the beach. The feet touch the sand and get a pleasant stimulation. Infact our whole body will respond positively in this manner by just giving it a gentle massage. You can either go to a professional or just do it yourself. You can simply do it at home using any oil available actually. But yes some oils will enhance the experience. For example if you use a scented oil, you will also be able to smell something nice. But coconut oil is just fine as well. Just rub it all over your body , wait for 10 minutes and take a warm shower. :) That feels good doesn't it? That's because the blood circulation has gone up. Now back to the feet. If you don't have time to massage your whole body, just the feet will do wonders for your whole body. You will feel good. If you think oils are messy, then just take any cream and gently massage into the soles of your feet, your toes, heels, etc. Basically the whole foot from ankle down wards. I feel any cream would be just fine, but I simply love the Victoria's Secret Spa Pampering Foot Cream!! It has a nice aroma. Just try it. Today!! Note: Images are from the net as usual!!

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