Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Blue-tooth Makes the World Go Round

I am feeling soo excited and happy.  Jubilant in fact.  Joy is now radiating out of me, like a white light if you will.:)  It's actually a serendipity.  I knew when I woke up that something good was gonna happen.  Just didn't expect it right now.  In the morning that is.
Moving all my contacts from my BB to my Samsung has been on my "to-do" list for some time now.  I kept postponing it much like I did my Hindi lessons for my degree.  The day I got my new phone, I fiddled around and clicked a few buttons.  This being a smart phone, I had inadvertently synced alot of data from various social media. So I ended up with a whole bunch of contacts from day one itself.    
But in the back of my mind, I knew I had to transfer all the contacts which was in my BB.  Either manually or through some other method.  I'd heard my dad using the drop box and I was thinking I would first need to transfer data from the phone to my PC.  To make sure I was on the right path, I decided to do some internet research.  And that's how I discovered, I could do it via Blue tooth.  I've never used Blue tooth much before.   But today, I was nothing short of amazed.  Can you believe that technology can do this to people?
All I had to do was turn on Blue tooth for both phones.  Each phone scanned and detected the other phone.  I then accepted the devices or rather paired them. When I clicked the track pad on the BB, the option to transfer contacts was shown on the list.  I clicked that and the file was transferred onto my Samsung.  All I had to do now was accept the file. Voila!! All BB contacts with phone numbers on Samsung now.  I did a random test just to make sure.
All this happened in a few minutes.  I was over the moon!!
                                               God bless all the developers.


  1. ohhh haha....
    keep using it more :P

  2. :) discovering so many things. No wonder people get addicted to gadgets!!