Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dove Your Hair!!

I love being a member of Indiblogger( an Indian blogging community) . Not only does my blog get some exposure, we also get a chance to take part in some really fun contests. Currently Dove is sponsoring one and they did not ask us to write about them. They only asked us to tell them what we did for our hair. And that's how I ended up writing the post below on my hair- care secrets. The contest has only begun and there are some really cool prizes to be won, like an Ipad for instance. How cool is that? It's really sweet of them I'd say. But what's even cooler is that they offerred a free gift hamper to everyone. That's right. Everyone on Indiblogger. So I got one of those too. It had a shampoo, a conditioner, a serum and a hair mask which looks like lemon meringue. I must say this is the first time I am using Dove shampoo that I can remember. As an experiment, I tried the shampoo and conditioner. Apparently it has something called " Vita " oils. But it seems to be good for the hair because my hair felt silky and lay well . It has a nice smell too. On another day, I tried the mask. Again there were visible results. My hair fell properly and was soft to the touch. I must try the serum too. What are your experiences with Dove?

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