Friday, October 28, 2011

Qvendo - Curious??

Qvendo is an online fashion club where you can buy high end fashion from around the world. If there is one thing I want on Qvendo, it's their True Religion Jeans. I know that Kareena Kapoor wears them so I'm pretty sure they would be comfy and stylish at the same time. So the number one item on my wish list would be the True Religion Jeans Billy Spt Women Jeans. I like the white stitching running along the sides. I also have a number of tops to go with it.

Number 2 on my wish list is another pair o' jeans This time it's the True Religion Jeans TR Julie Dark Pony. I just like it for no reason other than it's very stylish!! I don't own a pair of black jeans and I simply love stretch. It's so comfy!! So the next item on my wish list would be the True Religion Jeans Billy Black Stretch.

Now onto watches. Watches are actually very stylish gizmos which are really great accessories. If you wear the right one, you probably don't need anything else on your wrist. For it says everything. Talk about style statement!!

These are the replay watches I came across on the Qvendo site . I'm finding it hard to say which one I like most. You see, they can all be worn well. So, in no particular order.

I love the holes' on the strap of the Replay Ladies Watch - RN3302FH and I think the color 'gold' goes with my skin tone.

The Replay Ladies Watch - RU5504ZA6- has a cool and trendy silver- rhinestone combination. It would go well with my True Religion jeans. So I want that too.

Now the Replay Ladies Watch - RW5901XR- The stylish bracelet strap made of jeans and the blue dial is really different. Very cool. The perfect accessory for a night out with friends.

And I simply have to have the Replay Ladies Watch - Big RM5303DH This is totally water proof, so I can jump into any pool without any worries.

They have loads more stuff coming and I really do want to see their collection of bags. But will have to wait for that:(.

Do you have a wish list? Wanna make one?? Then jump over to Qvendo and sign -up. Once you become a member you can feast your eyes on the goodies:)

PS; This post is written for a contest conducted by Indiblogger and Qvendo.


  1. good post describing QVENDO in a simple manner

  2. Thank you and thanks for dropping by-)

  3. Nice post! And the watch is really awesome. :) Best wishes for the contest.

  4. Thanks Harsha. Nice to have met you through the contest.